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  1. AkashicRecord gets walls and cannons

    01/09/09 09:34:41 | 0 Comments


    We have *a lot* of spammers and vandals these days, so now all edits by anonymous users have to be done by entering a CAPTCHA code before the final page save. This has some inconveniences, but it's badly needly to protect the pages against vandalism. Sorry about making things more difficult, but I can recommend creating a user and editing pages via a logged in user. Makes it much easier for us to figure out legit and vandalistic edits.

    So: Please create a user, and...
  2. Akashic Record Downtime

    09/29/08 06:58:20 | 0 Comments


    For the people: We will have a slight service interruption around October 1st, but we will be right back.
    For the geeks: We will have a slight drop out of service after October first, since our IP address will change, and the DNS servers need to propagate the new IP to worldwide servers.

    For the people: All the sites will be much much faster in access in the future!
    For the geeks: We will be upgraded from 4 mbit to 20 mbit lines...
  3. The Akashic Record is now officially open.

    11/30/07 10:54:56 | 0 Comments

    Mr Staun wrote:

    Another new feature. We now have spoilers much like here. Simply type
    on the wiki around whatever you want to hide. See Siege on Ebonring Keep for an example.

  4. The Akashic Record is now officially open.

    11/17/07 15:04:42 | 0 Comments


    We now added fancy "Web 2.0" popups for items (generic items, weapons and armor) on the Akashic Record image
    If you have no idea what this means, it's simply a quick way to view an items statistics without clicking on it. Hold your mouse over an armor or weapon and it will show armor bonus, weight, spell failure etc.

    See for an...

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